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I need to thank this briljant woman from the buttom of my being; Petra Vermeer, she’s an orthomolecular doctor.

“Ortho-what ?” I said about a year ago, when my sister in law suggested I should go meet her.
I was on the brink of starting taking anti-depression pills, as I had come to the point where I couldn’t take the darkness anymore. I’d lost 22 kilo’s, stopped drinking alcohol, walked for hours outside in nature pretty much every day, stopped producing & writing for others, no coffee after 3, no screen-time at night, eating healthy, conversations with a psychologist, and lots of other minor life-tweaks, but all that didn’t really help: I still didn’t sleap at night, nor laughed to life in daytime.


So, I drove out to Petra, talked to her for a few hours, explained to her how I couldn’t make any sence of the state I was in, as I had no reason what so ever to be so black inside all the time. She listened to my story, asked more questions, and sent me off with a bag full of vitamin & mineral supplements, in her words “let’s drive a truck full of the right goodness into your body everyday for the next 3 months, aim at first balancing your hormone levels and through that get you back to sleeping normally, and see what remains of your problems then, but, you need to be patient” she said, “as it will take some time before you start to feel a change.”


But this is what happened, after already 5 days, in the afternoon I was at home in our kitchen, cooking brocoli with cashew nuts, and frying salmon in butter on a super hot pan, slicing a lemon to freshen up the fish as a final touch, when out of nowhereI felt a glimpse of happiness. I remember that feeling so clearly, as it had been about 2 years since I’ve had that. I remember saying to my wife that it was probably just a placebo effect in my head, because I was so desperate to feel better, but hey, at that point I’d take anything, placebo or real, I didn’t care.

But all these vitamins and minerals apparently helped my body to restore its activities, and slowly but surely, I started to sleep better and feel more often like ‘me’ again. Since then, now a year later, a few more sessions with Petra, and quite a lot more natural supplements, I’m having that feeling of wanting to smile way more often, without anti-depression pills, but with a more healthy body.


I’m forever thankfull for your tremendious help on my journey Petra !!!❤️♥️❤️


So, If anyone of my digital friends are struggling with mental health issues, I can definetely recommend to give orthomolecular medicine a try, especially combined with the right person for you. For sure this has been a vital help in my life.


The only way is up ! 🍀❤️🔥


Jonas Brøg